Stakeholder Workshop to Develop the NIPN Sustainability Plan

NIPFN held a stakeholder workshop to develop NIPN sustainability plan on 9th March 2024. The workshop was attended by representatives from sectors including the Ministries of Health, Water, Education, Agriculture, The National Treasury, and Labour and Social Protection.

Participants follow the proceedings of the workshop
Participants at the stakeholder workshop

The sustainability plan is organised into 3 main pillars that comprise the details of the NIPN functions that shall continue being undertaken after the project life. The pillars are technical sustainability which isolates the functions and explains how they shall be sustained; the institutional pillar which the roles of agencies to undertake the functions, their coordination structures and accountability measures such as laws. The financial pillar lays out the resources required to sustain NIPN outputs and activities, as well as modalities for mobilising the same by implementing institutions.