NIPFN Policy Advisory Committee Meeting to Validate 2nd Cycle Nutrition Policy Questions

The NIPFN Kenya held a Policy Advisory Committee meeting on validation of 2nd cycle nutrition policy questions on 19th September 2023 in Nairobi. The meeting was chaired by KIPPRA Executive Director, Dr Rose Ngugi and was attended by representatives from Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, UNICEF Kenya and the project team.

Participants at the policy advisory committee meeting

Discussions centered on validation of the 2nd cycle nutrition policy questions which will guide NIPFN policy research. Speaking at the meeting KIPPRA Executive Director Dr Rose Ngugi thanked the participants for attending the meeting and commended the team for fast-tracking the development of the policy questions. Dr Ngugi underscored the importance of nutrition question formulation noting that they play a crucial role in the policy research papers development.

The NIPFN operational cycle consists of three elements that constantly revolve and feed into each other, namely: question formulation based on government priorities, analysis of data to inform the questions, and communication of the findings back to the government.