Validation of NIPFN reports Pre-Project Launch

A two-day workshop was held on 4th February 2021 in Nairobi for presentation of the project technical reports earmarked for the project launch. The NIPFN project is in its second year and several milestones have been achieved key among them statistical reports and review of food and nutrition security policies.

The Project Director- KNBS Director of Production Statistics- Mr. Robert Nderitu gave his welcoming remarks as the Chair of the Project Management Committee. During the workshop, he emphasized the significance and impact of the project outputs towards the overall achievement of the medium-term plans also known as the “Big 4 Agenda.” Food Security and Nutrition is among the four pillars that the Government of Kenya has prioritized for development.

KIPPRA Executive Director, Dr. Rose Ngugi in her opening remarks welcomed all stakeholders present from The National Treasury and planning, Ministry of Water, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Cooperatives among other stakeholders. She acknowledged the role of the development partner – European Union- in the implementation of the project.

Among the technical reports that were presented included trends in nutritional anthropometric indicators, association between stunting and household characteristics, review of policies and COVID Wave 1 and 2. Suggestions on how to improve the documents were tabled in preparation of the project launch scheduled for mid-year 2021.